Finding A Clean Hotel Room While Traveling

Traveling is a fun adventure. Being away and exploring places have that kind of therapeutic effect for most people. Of course, it also means staying in another room for a while. Finding a clean hotel room while traveling could be stressful especially if you are a meticulous and very neat person. Don’t forgot to check this guide if it is true for you.

Having people preparing your bed and toiletries while traveling is nice. However, staying in your temporary house while traveling could also be disturbing. Knowing that there were a lot of strangers who have already stayed in the place, and maybe proper house cleaning was not being made will surely turn you on red alert. Germs and viruses may be flying around and may greet you as soon as you step your foot on the suite.

So, we list tips on how to find a clean hotel room while traveling. There is no need to be on your guard anymore by follow these:

Keep a Hand Sanitizer with You

Of course, cleanliness must start with you. Using hand sanitizers can lessen the germs that you have already encountered. So, if you are touching things in a hotel room and not sure if they are germ-free, a hand sanitizer is a must. Frequent washing of hands can prevent transferring of bacteria as well.

Find and Read the Reviews

A lot of hotel review sites can give you a lot of helpful information. Including here is what your fellow travelers think about the hotel. A high price is not always an indicator that the hotel is the best when it comes to their house cleaning services. However, knowing that other travelers felt confident that the area was clean can be your signal. Most of the hotel review sites or travel review sites have a cleanliness category, so this will help you to evaluate the sanitation of the place.

Look Out for the Bedspread

After choosing your hotel room, watch out for the bedspread. Thinking about strangers laying on the same bed that you have could be disturbing. So, the tip is to ask the hotel staff about how often they change their bedspreads. If you are not totally sure about it, the easiest solution is to bring your own blanket. It is also a way of avoiding unexpected bed bugs that may be living on your bed.

Sanitize the Things in the Room

If you want to be extra cautious about the things that you will touch inside the hotel room, you may do this tip. Disinfect the things that you frequently touch in the room. We know that disinfecting the room is part of house cleaning, but not all hotels have the same cleanliness standard. So, sanitizing the room by spraying germ disinfectant can be reassuring.

Wash the Glassware

Another thing to look out for is the glassware in your hotel room. This is one of the things that must be washed before using. We are not sure if the house cleaning services included the washing of the glassware hidden on the cabinet or on the tap. So, just be an extra cautious, wash it first! Wash it with hot water until its squeaky clean.

With these helpful tips, we hope that you can’t only find a clean hotel room, but you can also make extra cleaning efforts just to be sure. As you pack your things and set your foot on another place, be reminded that safe traveling includes being clean!

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