Best Asian Countries to Visit

Traveling is good for people in so many ways, and while there are tons of beautiful places like Seoul, Korea in the world to see, Asian countries have something about them that separates them from others. If you are planning your next trip, you might want to check out these Asian countries for your next destination.


Japan is popular for being a very innovative country. If you ever want to see out-of-the-box inventions, you have to go to Japan. The ironic thing is that despite being very innovative, Japan also has a lot to show for their culture.

While Tokyo is very modern, Kyoto is very traditional – it’s like you’re being time-warped. It’s safe to say that being in Japan would feel like being in two completely different times. Other places one can visit while in Japan are Disneyland, Disney Sea, and Universal Studios Japan.


Korea has been dominating the world in the entertainment department. KPop idols and Korean dramas are very well-received by people globally. However, that is not the only thing that Korea has to offer. Going to this country, one will discover that much like its neighboring country Japan, it’s also a very innovative and modern country. Their culture is, of course, different but interesting all the same. Seoul, Korea alone can be considered a good tourist a spot. The country also has great amusement parks like Everland.


The list of modern countries in Asia wouldn’t be complete without Singapore. Although it’s a very small country, it’s not short of interesting places to visit. Its airport alone warrants attention from people, being the world’s best airport. After stepping out of their incredible airport, one may choose to go to Universal Studios Singapore – one of the two Universal Studios in Asia. They also have Sentosa Island, an artificial island built solely to please.

The Philippines

One cannot think of vacation without thinking about going to the beach. That is what the Philippines has to offer. The Philippines is an archipelago, which explains the beautiful beaches the country has.

Two of the most famous beaches in the country are Palawan and Boracay. They’re equally beautiful, but they’re beautiful in different ways. Boracay is where you go to when you want to experience an upbeat kind of beach vacation, and Palawan is where you want to stay in when you want to have a quiet beach vacation. If you want to experience the country’s culture more, you can go to places like Vigan and Bataan.


Another country that has great beaches is Maldives.  Located in South Asia, the country is also considered a gem when it comes to a beach vacation. It’s relatively smaller than the Philippines, but that doesn’t make the country any less beautiful. You can go to Maafushi for water sports or Meeru Island for a serene vacation.


For a different kind of experience, you might want to consider Thailand. There are shows in the country that will keep you at the edge of your seat, but that is not to say that the country doesn’t have places that can offer relaxation. Another thing the country is known for is its budget-friendly shopping places. Many people go there and come back with tons of new things bought for a considerably cheaper price.


Asia is not short of magnificent places to travel to, so go be on that plane to these countries now and experience the magic Asia has.

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