A Week-Long Journey In France With The Perfect Camera – Fujifilm X-T30

France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. You can discover best lens for nikon d5600 here because It is rich in historical spots, architectural masterpieces, entertaining activities, and sophisticated culture. If you have plans and can afford to go there, make sure you set it to have at least a week of vacation.

While you’ll planning to go on a week-long trip on French soil, make sure you have the perfect camera on you. If you have a hard time choosing from the variety of cameras & camera lenses available in the market, then the Fujifilm X-T30 can be just the one you are looking for.


Fujifilm X-T30 is a mirrorless camera. This means that the reflex mirror inside, which is usually found on DSLR cameras, is non-existent by design. To simplify, it has the capabilities almost equal to DSLR but light in weight. The compactness of X-T30 makes it ideal when traveling. There is also a feature for an interchangeable lens, so zooming further can be easily adjusted.

You can capture quality pictures whether there is too much sunlight from the outside of the lack of brightness inside an unlit room. Whether you are capturing the bright view of Chateau de Chenonceau or just the stacks of rose in a cave at Domaine Jousset, you can expect a result of greatly satisfying quality.

Rose In A Cave At Domaine Jousset

Cheateau de Chenonceau

Rose In A Cave At Domaine Jousset

Rose In A Cave At Domaine Jousset

X-T30 not only has manual controls, but it also has a full-automatic mode in just a single switch. The dials are present for manual adjustment but the trip can be more enjoyable if there is less time and focus for configuration of camera settings.


So that your camera can be well-protected and conveniently handled, these suggested accessories might complement the camera’s design and lessen the hassle for your trip also.

Billingham Hadley Digital Camera Bag

This fine, the brown, leather-trimmed bag can hold your camera and three other lenses as well. The interior is well-padded for protection and the exterior is fully waterproof. Aside from the safety features, the bag is stylish also.

Lensmate Thumb Grip

This product is designed incompatible with X-T30. It fits perfectly, without blocking any dials or buttons. The rubber pad serves for resting the thumb. The overall frame gives you a comfortable grip and improves shooting pictures single-handedly.

Original Rowe Horween Chromexcel Strap

The strap is made from leather and provides an extremely soft feel. Even during the sunny weather in France or a whole day of strolling, your neck won’t get chafed. The straps have quick releases to avoid dangling and the finishing stitches look so cool and can complement your current outfit.


France has many places worth to be visited. A week filled with long walks, food trips, sightseeing, and interaction with people need to be comfortable and baggage-free. That is why the Fujifilm X-T30 can be the perfect camera. Don’t forget to check the suggested accessories that are also stylish and fitting for your stay on the epicenter of the fashion world.

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