Traveling with Gunds to France

Every year, hundreds of foreign citizens are getting arrested in France because they travel with a gun with them, though such is allowed in their home country. You can Find out more at about the exact numbers. Penalties for this violation can be slight to severe – either imprisonment, paying fines, confiscation of firearms, or being banned in the country. For this reason, you need to take into consideration the country’s gun restriction and laws when traveling.

Here are some important things you should consider when traveling to France with your gun:

  1. European Firearms Pass

Europe has strict gun restrictions, but still illegal possession of firearms is prevalent, especially in France. Most deadly terrorist attacks in the country are caused by foreigners, for this reason, France has become more strict with their gun laws the past years.

In order to go to France with guns, you must secure your European Fiream Pass. Even If you already have a Shotgun certificate or a GB holder, you still need an EFP. Without such, your GB and Shotgun Certificate would not be valid.

To apply an EFP, you only need to make a request in your country’s firearms licensing department. It is free and the process will only take two weeks.

  1. Inform the airline that you’re traveling a gun with you

In all of your travels, informing the airline that you have a gun is always a must. For safety purposes, guns are not allowed to be hand-carried. It should be in your checked baggage and in a hard case.

Informing the airline about your gun prior to your flight date is also advised because limitations and additional fees may be charged. You also need to declare with the Customs that you are bringing your gun with you.

  1. Permis de Chasser (Permit to Hunt) is a must if you wish to use your gun for hunting

France is the largest country in Europe. For this reason, many foreigners wanted to experience hunting in the country.

As a foreigner, if you wanted to bring guns & accessories for shooting, you need to secure a permit to hunt otherwise known as “Permis de Chasser.”With this, your Shotgun certificate would also serve as your “Permis” valid for 3 – 9 days. You can apply for this permit online and to the department of the place, you wish to go hunting.

  1. Immediately contact your country’s embassy or consulate if ever arrested for violation the country’s gun restrictions

Your country’s embassy is an extension of your country. They will protect you in case something goes wrong in your travel or stay.

If you got arrested for illegal use or possession of firearms. You should ask the authorities to contact your embassy, or you may do it yourself. The embassy will help you contact your family or a lawyer, ensure that you’re treated well and in accordance with the law, and visit you in prison. However, take note that they can’t sue for you, pay your fines and other legal fees, or help you out of prison.


To be sued for gun violations in your country is quite scary – how much more in a foreign country such as France? Prevention is indeed better than cure. Hence, extra-diligence is necessary before you travel. Follow our guide above as it will surely assure your safety in a legal way.

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