More than a title, a concept! Tasting, music, lighting, singer, actor, sommelier ... I get lost. To be honest, I was above all attracted by the tasting of our beautiful AOP, but the whole show finally really fascinated me…

My knowledge in blues is limited to a few names but the enthusiasm of the people coming to book this concert convinced me that this evening was “the place to be”.

For the previous edition, just arrived at the nice Jesuit chapel, a foot on the red carpet, a baroque character announced each arrival shouting, attributing noble titles to all visitors. I then advance to join my place with a smile, a look of amusement, but my head high : for the night I was apparently "a Viscountess"!

Let the show begin! What a delicious moment, the tasting of the three AOP mixed with the music and the wise comments of the sommelier Christophe Santos. What an Apotheosis! While tasting a red Hermitage Gambert de Loche, vintage 2009, from the “Cave de Tain” and  Rhoda Scott played a piece composed as a tribute to this appellation. The whole totally sublimated by the atmosphere of the place and its lighting.

Blues and wine show 2016.jpg
Blues and wine show 2016 - Rhoda Scott


This year, André Manoukian  accompanied by the singer Malia are the guest stars : what a concert ! Save the date on October 21st at 9 pm at the Chapel of the Lycée Gabriel Faure. I go, I have to reserve my place ;)

Blues and wine show 2017.jpg