Bren celebrates the apricot!

L'Orangered, the Bergeron, these names do not tell you anything? Its velvety skin, firm and tasty flesh make it one of the gourmet pleasures of summer.

It's apricot!  In the Drôme des Collines area, the small village of Bren has many farms which carefully cultivate this sweet and melting fruit. Arrival at the end of the harvest, there is a key event : the festival of the apricot.

The associations of the village gather to offer a festive day around this delicious treasure Sunday July 30th!

The festivities will begin with the traditional apricot trek, three courses (8, 16 and 24 kms) in the middle of the orchards.

 In the afternoon, place to the inimitable contest of spitting of apricot core of course!

A family celebration with many activities for the little ones: workshop of confection , kites spectacle, pottery, but also wooden games.

Not to mention the apricot that will be the star of the festival on the stalls of regional products but also the menu of the country meal. If some want to enjoy the freshness of this summer evening, musical entertainment and fireworks will close this beautiful day!

Notice to the gourmet ! The apricot is there, ready to taste!

On dirait le sud abricots 486635.jpg