Fancy a Fascinating Week-End in the Hermitage and Tournon area ?

From October 20th to 22nd, the Hermitage, the Crozes Hermitage and the Saint Joseph wines are to discover in a thousand ways and they invite you to taste, explore, move, stroll and marvel in the heart of our flamboyant autumn landscapes. The grape harvesting season is finished, we are now bustling about organizing a “Fascinating Week-End” around our famous appellations that you won’t soon forget !

For a retro excursion in the Crozes Hermitage vineyards, go for a tour in a  Chevrolet Nova : let the motor’s throb lull you and drink in the breathtaking landscapes !

If you are sporty, choose the Segway tour in the Saint Joseph vineyards : a well-deserved tasting is waiting for you at the end of the stroll !

You’d like to immerse yourself in the world of wine ? The Domaine De Gouye invites you to discover the work with a horse in the vines : come and meet Ramsès ! As for the wine laboratory Hermitage Oenologie, it will reveal our famous wines’ backstage

Heritage lovers, we won’t forget you : we organize a guided visit “in the course of local cuvées” in the Château-Musée of Tournon, a discovery cleverly gathering wine and history.

And for unforgettable wine and music parings, enjoy the perfect match “Swing, wine and chocolate” or the “Blues and Wine Show” including the excellent duet Malia-Manoukian.

One watchword for our winegrowers, accommodations, restaurants and tourist attractions : FA-SCI-NATE ! Check the program, we are waiting for you !

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