The Cooperative Winery of Tain: A must at the foot of the Hermitage!

Its vineyards, its history, the winery... without forgetting a tasting (in moderation), the Cave de Tain reveals all its secrets

The halt of Excellence to learn everyhting about wine because here we love it since long ago. When Louis Gambert Loches, the visionary winemaker founded the cooperative winery of Tain in 1933, he knew it would become a flagship of the profession with an international fame. The visit of the cellarsa walk on the trail of the winery and tasting room testify to the exceptional mastery for 5 classic vintages of the North part of the Rhône Valley. Not to mention the passage to the "holy of holies" where there are still some bottles of 1933, behind a iron gate with the initials of the cellar!  A must.

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