Thomas the Train on the Hermitage Hill

Its strident and happy whistle announces the departure : here you go for a tour on board of the Little Train of the Hermitage Vineyards !

Whether you’re here to please your youngest child or because your muscles on holydays don’t want to climb up the Hermitage hill, this 45-minutes stroll will really blow you away !

Don’t be wrong about the traditional tour in town that starts the journey : this train knows how to surprise you ! After snaking in and out in the narrow streets, it will spiritedly starts a scaling with a breathtaking view among the vineyards. On the vine’s side, the impressive stone-walled terraces guarding the Syrah, Marsanne and Roussane grapes for the most exquisite wines of Hermitage; on the other side, the Rhône river flows with majesty at your feet, and over it, the steep vineyards of Saint Joseph.

Wow ! The best view ever from the Hermitage hill without any effort ! 45 minutes of happiness, wasn’t it ?!

More informations: Road train in the Hermitage vineyards


Petit train des vIgnes  (2).jpg