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Wine Taste and Characteristics

It’s much fun to discover and taste the pleasure of Hermitage wines. Hermitage is comparable to any of the great wines in world history. Bottle-aged Hermitage wine typically takes about 15-20 years. It certainly is not a good idea to drink Hermitage wines young. They must be allowed to mature in time because young wines are unformed, stern, tannic, and even austere.

Hermitage wines are known for their concentrated, tannic and rich taste with an aroma of blackberry, spice, black raspberries, black cherry, olives, earth, minerals, and smoke. When young, it delivers an austere taste that one cannot enjoy when drinking. However, when it ages, the magic begins. They transform into wines with rich, majestic, and vibrant taste, giving the drinker an unforgettable experience.

Best Hermitage Wine Vintages

Most Northern Rhone appellations produce wines of the same vintage with similar quality, although not really all the time. The most famous wine produced in the history of Hermitage wine tourism is the 1961 Jaboulet La Chapelle. It is also the world’s priciest wine sold at $15,000 per bottle at an auction.

Why Hermitage Produce Best Vineyards

If you are looking for the best vineyard in Hermitage, it is located on the rocky, steep hillsides of Hermitage. The abundance of various stones and rocks in the area drain excess moisture while reflecting heat and sunshine. This helps the grapes to achieve their preferred level of ripeness. The rocky land compels the vines to dig deeper into the soils for nourishment.

Hermitage’s climate is more temperate than the Rhone Valley’s. The wind that Hermitage receives helps keep the vines and grapes clean and disease-free. The wind that follows the rains remove excess moisture.

The degree of phenolic ripeness of grapes is a factor that determines the degree of the quality of wine to produce. Knowing when the best time to harvest is important to achieve the desired quality of the wine.

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