Tourist Routes

Road Nationale 7

It is the longest trunk road in France, connecting Paris to the French/Italian border. It is also known as the Blue Road, the Holiday Road. After the construction highways, airplane networks and railroads, the use of RN 7 becomes scarce over time. In 2005, it was declared that only half of the road will be used.

Surrounding Areas in Nationale 7

Passing by the Nationale 7 will give you a spectacular experience along the Hermitage vineyards and historical heritage found on either side of the road. Likewise, do not miss to go by the Romanesque churches of Claveyson-St-Andéol, Chantemerle-les-Blés, and la-Motte-de-Galaure. Witness St-Martin-des-Rosiers and its stained glass windows which are known to be the largest in Europe.

Panoramic Road

If you happen to pass along this road, you will witness the remarkable landscape view overlooking the Rhône Valley. It is a must-try experience!

Wine Route

If you are a wine enthusiast, it is a great idea to pass by the wine route. Through this road, you will discover the celebrated appellations produced in this region – the Hermitage, St. Joseph, and Crozes-Hermitage.

Belvédères Road

Also known as the Circuit des Belvédères. This road will lead you to spectacular vineyards from Tain L’Hermitage, Serves sur Rhône, Erôme and Gervans. This road features a promising view of the area.

Sacred Way

This road will lead you on to the discovery of extensive collections of religious artifacts at the Museum of Sacred Art in Mours-Saint-Eusèbe, as well as in Romanesque churches of Miribel, Montmiral and Bathernay and Châteauneuf-de-Galaure. Along the road, you will also witness the impressive architecture of houses with walls created from river pebbles, orchards of walnuts, and cave dwellings.

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