Things You Should Never Wear While Traveling

Most of the time, people get overly excited when traveling to a different place that they neglect the importance of donning the right set of custom t shirts Canada. Finding the perfect travel outfit isn’t difficult nor hassle as long as you know where you’re heading to and what kind of weather will welcome you.

Clothes are also essential in your travel adventure since it helps in making you look photogenic and presentable in public. In order not to make your travel a disastrous one, you should prevent wearing these kinds of clothing:

1. Provocative Clothes

As a form of respect for yourself and for other people, you shouldn’t include indecent attires in your luggage as this would attract the public in a negative way. You can always catch people’s attention without showing or barely covering your private parts by uniquely matching your outfits without looking weird.

Instead of provocative clothes, bring decent attires or custom t-shirts for a much comfortable and better-looking attire.

2. Clothes that Go Against the Weather Condition

If you’re travelling to cold regions, you should be wearing warm outfits. On the other hand, warm areas would most definitely compel you to wear light clothing. Obviously, this shouldn’t be an issue to anyone since assessing the weather condition is relatively easy. If you don’t pay much attention to the weather and prefer to defy the desired outfit, you might end up shopping on your first day of adventure.

3. Wrong Shoes

Footwear is one of the most important outfits you should focus on. Walking around places can eventually tire you out; therefore, you should bring a pair of comfortable shoes. Never sacrifice comfort for style or you’ll miss out places due to blisters on your feet

Instead of heels, go for flats with soft soles to make sure that you can walk at longer distances without feeling compromised. This way, you can definitely travel at ease and experience the place fully.

4. Expensive Jewelry

Although jewellery is seen as an additional accent to your stylish clothes, you should never wear too much jewellery as this might only impose more harm on your part. That sparkling gold and diamond jewellery of yours can lure snatchers to follow you around until they get want they want – your expensive jewellery. As a result, this can make your travel adventure a traumatic one, instead. Better safe than sorry; leave your jewellery at home and travel without worries by not looking too fancy.

5. Oversized Coats

Apart from the fact that you’ll end up being scrutinized by the public for donning something that makes you look like a mascot, bringing oversized coats can also take up much of your luggage space. Instead of oversized coats, bring coats that fit perfectly on you to save space and also to make you look more presentable.


Travelling to a different place can be exciting and fun, but, most of the time, people often forget about wearing and bringing the right set of clothes. Finding the right attire isn’t difficult, but you should always consider the suggested tips above so as not to make your adventure a disastrous one.

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