Restaurant Le Comptoir Gourmand

Are you tired of eating instant food? Visit Restaurant Le Comptoir Gournamnd and have a taste of heaven. They serve homemade cuisines that are freshly prepared and cooked while you are waiting. Their menu offers a variety of food that can also be served à la carte. If you have the Bons plans booklet, be sure to bring it when visiting this restaurant. They give one glass of local wine when you present the booklet.

La Table D’Umia

Willing to try Japanese cuisine in France? Don’t miss to hop on to Umia’s Omakase. Here, you will discover the sophistication of Japanese cuisine that will give you a unique Japanese experience in Tain L’Hermitage.

Les Burgers De Sophie

If you are walking along the village streets of Ardèche Verte, do not forget to look for Les Burgers De Sophie. This traveling food truck sells a variety of food to enjoy from French burgers to French fries, butcher’s recommended meat and baker’s best-selling bread. You won’t ever go hungry in Ardèche Verte.

L’Auberge Du Rhone

While in Rhone, visit also L’Auberge Du Rhone. It is found in the heart of Rhone. The restaurant gives a relaxing and calming atmosphere while you are eating. Be sure to try their Chef’s specialty. You sure won’t forget it for the rest of your life.

Restaurant La Cigale

Who would ever want to miss tasting a traditional French cuisine while in France? Of course none! Pay a visit to Restaurant La Cigale and enjoy the taste of French cuisine that will make you come back.

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