The Black Truffle of the Drôme des Collines

The Black Truffle is widely known as the “black gold” or “black diamond”. Known for its strong, woody scent and uneven color, it is considered as one of the most expensive food types in the world. This much prized French gourmet is most visited by connoisseurs. Truffles are produced in excellent terrains, and the culture of truffles is not known to many, see more on this website.

Truffles grow well in Drôme. This fungus has found appropriate growing conditions in the Drôme region. Farmers usually plant trees, preferably oak trees, on calcareous soil. The Mediterranean climate in the region allows the natural growth of the fungus.

The cavage (harvest of truffles) occurs during winter. The cavage is done together with a dog, trained to locate truffles. When the dog found the location of the truffles,  growers haul up the truffle using a ‘fouiji’.

If you are worried about being cheated with fake truffles, the best place to buy them is in the truffle market. Truffles sold here are well-inspected and graded carefully.

The twenty-seventh of November marks the beginning of truffle season in the entire Drôme region. Although not as famous as in Richerenches, it is also a good idea to visit the truffle mass in Drôme des Collines. It is a festival worth attending to. To cater tourists, the local confrérie of Drôme organized an annual ceremony where guests are welcome to take part. They offer activities that are not limited to accompanying in a truffle hunting, truffle tasting, and visiting truffle cultivating areas. This is the best time to enjoy the unique tasting experience of the black truffle of the Drôme des Collines.

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