Towns and Villages

Village de Vaudevant

If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing environment, Vaudevant is the place to be. The small village features a nostalgic view of 15th-century stone houses with town streets that are beautifully lined with artistic wooden sculpted panels.

Historical Center

This part of the city features historic structures that still stood until the present: an ancient Roman altar, Altar of Taurobole, that gives an antique feels; The Granary and its turret that was used as salt storage; Renaissance patio of a private mansion owned by the Courbis; medieval gate vestiges that will bring you back to the antiquity of 12th century; well-designed buildings and cellars filled with luxurious wines that reflect the sophisticated lifestyle of the past.

Village d’Arlebosc

The village attracts tourists with its two historical spots: a medieval castle that displays the artistry of the 12th century and a refurbished church that exhibits splendid stained-glass images of the Eucharist on its windows.

La Roche de Glun

This islet along the banks of River Rhône was once a fisherman’s village. Now, it entices visitors with its attractive houses that were made with stones, typical to traditional fisherman cottages. Here, you will also find the tower of Diane de Poitiers, which dates back to the 14th century, the Porte de Roussillon and Lime Kiln.

Village de Bozas

It is a small community that extends from the River Daronne banks up to Madame Wood. It is 551 meters above sea level and from which, one can observe the scenic view of the Mont Blanc. There are still 15th-century castles standing with their towers and walls. The view gives overall nostalgia to whoever visits this village.

Village de Bren

It is known to the public because of its rich production of sumptuous food truffles, nuts, cereals, and vegetables. Village de Bren is most famous for its apricots. If you happen to love apricots, better be in this village on the last weekend of July.

Village de Charmes Sur L’Herbasse

Towered over by medieval castles and lovely forests, Charmes is a beautiful place for nature and history lovers. It is also located near the river Herbasse and Champos where tourists can enjoy windsurfing and swimming.


It is an attractive village for curious travelers. Named as the “village of character”, it reflects a peaceful place for visitors to connect with Mother Nature. Here, you will find a diverse flora and fauna sheltered by the rich soil of the village.

Village of Pailharès

Situated at 260m altitude, this small village offers a magnificent view as it towers over the Daronne Valley. It extends from the banks of Daronne to the La Frache Wood.

Village de Saint Félicien

Located at the foot of the Ardèche mountains, this small village is geographically privileged, attracting tourists and local guests. It is abundant in different picturesque landscapes and original architectural structures.


It is an attractive small village located at the heart of the Laurentians mountains. It welcomes visitors all year-round because of its accessibility and diverse activities at any time of the year. It offers its open-air place that is ideal for winter sports. On June to October, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy biking, hiking, swimming, canoeing, ATV riding, and horseback riding.

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