How to Find the Right Travel Pillow?

People travel for a bunch of different reasons, whether visiting another country for best reviews guide or an exciting vacation, paying a loved one you haven’t seen in a while a visit, or traveling to another destination for a business trip. The one constant is that traveling requires quite a bit of preparation.

You need to book flights and hotel reservations, and before you actually get going, you need to make sure your stuff is in order. Are your phones, power banks, and other electronic devices fully charged? Did you pack all the clothes you need? Did your kids bring their favorite toys with them?

Getting ready for a trip isn’t easy. And because it isn’t easy, people often forget to think about comfort. They buy the first travel pillow they see and end up realizing the pillow does nothing for them because it doesn’t fit their needs.

In order to avoid this particular bump in the road, here are a few things to consider when choosing a travel pillow:

Neck Support

Maybe you’re preparing for a really long trip and will be sleeping somewhere along the way. Maybe you’re simply the type of person to sleep during travels regardless of the length. Either way, the lack of neck support is going to give you aching consequences later on. To help you avoid neck pain, you can opt for a ring-shaped pillow that wraps around your neck to keep your head upright. If you find this pillow too constricting or hot, buy a U-shaped one instead.

Back Support

If you struggle with back pain, look for a wedge pillow. Wedge pillows provide lumbar support, filling the gap between the lower back and the seat. These pillows won’t do anything for your neck, but they’re useful for maintaining a healthy posture, ensuring comfort in your spinal region for the duration of your travel.

Size and Weight of the Pillow

Your pillow of choice should depend on your travel style. If you want to travel light, get a memory foam or inflatable pillows as they can be sized down, thus saving you space. If it’s larger pillows you want, you should make sure to leave enough space in your luggage.


Most people don’t really care about pillow fabric when they really should. It’s important to consider the kind of weather you’ll be encountering in your travels when hunting for the perfect travel pillow. Cotton and smooth plastic are best suited for hot climates while fleece will provide you with comfort in cold places and during flights.


This is an especially important factor to consider if you’re someone who travels a lot. Travel pillows aren’t cheap, making it very inconvenient to have to keep buying new ones. If you’ve got your sights set on a particular pillow now, you’ll need to find out how durable it is first. Spend some time finding online product reviews before making a purchase in order to get a sense of how likely that pillow is to survive the trip.

These are some of the factors you should consider. With this guide, your travel will surely be comfortable and stress-free.

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