Bike Tourism

1. Giraud Cycle Shop

This bicycle shop offers a variety of two-wheeled vehicles including pedaled bikes for leisure, mountain bikes, motocross bikes, BMX, scooters, pit bikes, E-bikes, and motorbikes. You can also fund various equipment for bikes and motorbikes. They also offer repair and maintenance of your bicycles.

2. Electric Fat Bike Rentals

Electric Fat Bikes are mountain bikes specially designed for snow and sand use. They come with large, low-pressure wheels that provide stability when cycling along the steep roads of Ard├Ęche. Safety, after all, is important while enjoying the picturesque view of Hermitage vineyards.

3. La Maison Du Cycle

This cycle House offers bike sales and repair for ALL. They have bikes for kids, all-terrain bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX and fitness bikes for your liking. They also offer cycling activities for tourists of all ages. So if you happen to be in Rhone with your family, enjoy the scenic place while cycling around.

4. Giant Valence

Specializing in bicycle sale and repair service, Giant Valence offers a wide-spectrum of operation for its customers. They have different brands of bikes and spare equipment for your bicycle needs. They assure their customers with their efficient, responsible and competent work performance.

5.Tournon Cycles

Tournon Cycles welcome their guests from Monday to Saturday. This shop offers services for various needs of their customers whether they are a beginner or experienced cyclists. They give personalized advice as they assist you in choosing the right bike and bike accessories that suit your preferences. So while you are in Tournon sur Rhone, or if you are searching for the perfect bicycle for you, do not miss the Tournon Cycles shop!